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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lighthouse Point/Pompano Beach


Fort Lauderdale periodontist Carlos Yamil Maiz, DDS, P.A.The expert team at Florida Smiles Dental specializes in wisdom teeth extraction in Lighthouse Point.Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually appear (erupt) in early adulthood, typically during the late teenage years and into the early twenties. As humans have evolved, we have come to no longer need wisdom teeth. Through the evolutionary process, our jaws have become smaller over time and most of us can no longer accommodate an additional set of molars comfortably. Because most patients have to deal with it at some point as young adults, Florida Smiles Dental provides wisdom teeth extraction in Pompano Beach in order to serve all of our patients’ needs.Florida Smiles Dental provides a full range of dental services in Lighthouse Point dental practice, allowing our patients to be comfortable in one setting, trusting the skilled dental professionals that they have come to know.  Our patients’ comfort is our top priority, and we take pride in being their partner in oral health.


Wisdom teeth are four permanent teeth that are located at the back four corners inside of the mouth. When wisdom teeth come in without adequate room to grow, they can become impacted, and result in pain, infection, or other dental problems, resulting in the need to have them extracted, or pulled.


Some people never develop wisdom teeth. For others, they will erupt normally and cause no problems. However, most people will develop impacted wisdom teeth, which are a result of not having enough room to erupt into the mouth. Often, wisdom teeth will erupt only partially, or not at all.  An impacted wisdom tooth may grow at any angle, get food or debris trapped behind it, develop an infection or gum disease, cause damage to a nearby tooth, or cause other complications that require orthodontic treatment to straighten other teeth.


It is often difficult to predict future problems with symptom free wisdom teeth. They may still harbor disease or infection, simply because they are often difficult to get around to clean properly. It is best to schedule a consultation with a skilled dental professional at Florida Smiles Dental to determine the best course of action to maintain your exceptional oral health.


In addition to wisdom teeth extraction in Pompano Beach, Florida Smiles Dental offers treatment with Invisalign in Lighthouse Point. If you find that impacted wisdom teeth have caused your other teeth to shift or move, once the issue with your wisdom teeth has been resolved, you can be evaluated to see if you are a candidate for treatment with Invisalign in Lighthouse Point. Invisalign is used to straighten teeth that are overcrowded, crooked, or to correct issues with a patient’s bite.


Invisalign in Pompano Beachis an effective orthodontic treatment system made of a series of clear, plastic aligners that are virtually invisible when worn, allowing patients to maintain a lower profile than when wearing traditional braces. Each set of aligners are worn for approximately two weeks, and can be removed for brushing, flossing, eating, and convenient and easy cleaning.


Call Florida Smiles Dental, your preferred dentist in Lighthouse Point, to learn more about wisdom teeth extraction, as well as the benefits of treatment with Invisalign in Pompano Beach, at: (954) 943 – 2466. We look forward to treating you with superior specialized expertise and care.