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OralID™ Advanced Oral Cancer Screening in Lighthouse Point/Pompano Beach


The team at Florida Smiles Dental protects patients from the threat of oral cancer with OralID™ screening.

Statistics from the American Cancer Society show that approximately 7,300 people die from oral cancer every year. While this number has decreased over the past decade, it is still incredibly high and the problem is one that deserves far more awareness than it currently receives. Most oral cancer cases are preventable and, with early diagnosis, may be treated more effectively. At Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Peter M. Scerbo and his associates utilize only the most advanced oral cancer screening technology available today: the OralID™ fluorescence screening device.


Why Choose OralID Cancer Screening?

We believe that each and every one of our patients deserves the fundamental advantage that regular oral cancer screenings provide. We don’t feel, however, that this vital diagnostic service should be prohibitively expensive. This is among the many reasons that our office has chosen to use the OralID™ oral cancer screening device. Because there is no per-patient cost to use this product, we’re able to pass the savings on to you. In addition, OralID™ offers an improved patient experience as compared to other services that screen for oral cancer.

Whereas other methods require that patients prepare for screening by rinsing their mouths with a special solution, OralID™ involves the use of only one product – a device that emits a targeted beam of fluorescent light directly into the mouth. The entire screening process is comfortable for the patient from start to finish. A pair of specially tinted glasses may be worn over the eyes or over prescription glasses, but this is not necessary for patient safety.

When our doctors shine the blue OralID™ light into your mouth, healthy tissues appear bright fluorescent green through the tinted glasses we wear during the screening. If any abnormal tissues or cell groupings are present, they will appear noticeably darker under the light. Clinical studies have proven that OralID™ cancer screening is substantially more effective at detecting signs of cancer and precancerous conditions within the oral cavity than traditional methods of visual examination.


Protect Your Family from Oral Cancer

Your comfort, satisfaction, and overall oral health are our top priorities at Florida Smiles Dental. Contact our family-friendly office in Fort Lauderdale today to schedule your appointment. We also happily welcome patients from throughout surrounding communities in Pompano Beach, Miami Gardens, Weston, Hollywood, and beyond. We look forward to serving you!