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Meet the Dentists

The dentists of Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale would like to meet you!


Peter M. Scerbo, DMD, P.A., Fort Lauderdale dentistPeter Scerbo, DMD, P.A.
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

After achieving his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Scerbo went on to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey for his DMD. Additionally, he excelled at studies at Nova Southeastern University for Advanced Education in General Dentistry. After his initial studies, Dr. Scerbo practiced at Towncare Dental in Hialeah, Florida from 2004 to 2007. Dr. Scerbo then opened his own practice, Florida Smiles Dental, and has practiced there ever since.

Dr. Scerbo is a member of many professional organizations, including the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the South Florida District Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. He truly enjoys his profession and his practice because he loves working with a great team, building lasting relationships with his patients, and improving the overall quality of life for his patients through dental care.

Dr. Scerbo has parents, a sister, and extended family who all reside in New Jersey. He is the loving godfather to two wonderful boys. For fun, Dr. Scerbo enjoys a good football game and racing gas-powered RC cars.
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General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Tommy Gaertner is originally from Antwerp, Belgium where he grew up in a family of dentists. From an early age, Dr. Gaertner has always been exposed to high quality dental care which has lead to his passion and knowledge in dentistry. After graduating high school, he went on to attend Nova Southeastern University in Florida where he completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Having patient satisfaction and quality of care are his main priorities. Dr. Gaertner treats all patients like family. He is passionate about dentistry, which is why he attends multiple continuing education courses and local study clubs to guarantee dental excellence to his patients. Over the years being exposed to dentistry, Dr. Gaertner has developed a special interest towards compassionate cosmetic procedures to enhance patient’s smile and self-esteem.

Dr. Gaertner is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, and Super Series Seminar Study Club. Dr. Gaertner is fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Dutch, which allows him to communicate and optimize care for patients from all around the world.



Ft. Lauderdale dentist Carlos Yamil Maiz, DDS, P.A.Carlos Yamil Maiz, DDS, P.A.
Periodontics & Implant Surgery

Upon completion of his studies at the Universidad Central Del Este, Dr. Maiz continued his education by attending a periodontal program at the University of Michigan. In fact, Dr. Maiz was a general practitioner for five years before he received periodontal training. He has been with the practice for six years. Dr. Maiz is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association. He proclaims that he loves absolutely everything about his career!

Dr. Maiz has a beautiful wife and two loving children. When he’s not at the practice, Dr. Maiz enjoys cycling, scuba diving, and photography.



Fort Lauderdale dentist Bo Young Kang, DDS, P.A.Bo Young Kang, DDS, P.A.
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Bo Kang is from South Korea but grew up in New York most of her life. She did her undergraduate studies at Binghamton University in New York where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.

She then attended Stony Brook University in New York and obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2001. She continued on to complete her postgraduate studies at Stony Brook University and earned an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) degree. During her residency, she participated in the Oral Cancer Program where she expanded her knowledge and got hands on experience at the local hospital.

Dr Kang has been practicing for 10 years as a general and cosmetic dentist in South Florida.

She treats patients of all ages and enjoys all aspects of dentistry. Her goal is to treat all patients as she would her own family members and making everyone feel special and comfortable. She is a provider of both Invisalign (Clear Braces) and Six Month Smiles (Short Term Orthodontics).

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking for her friends and she tries to stay fit by exercising. She also teaches Sunday School at her church.



Dr. Donald Fox, Ft. Lauderdale orthodontistDr. Donald Fox
Orthodontist/ Board Certified

Over 14,000 patients treated in over 23 years …

  • Invisalign Certified – Over 230 cases of all types of clear trays to move teeth and is trained in severe cases and the newest Teen Invisalign.
  • Braces Specialist in Adult Cosmetic Dentistry Difficult Cases
  • Age 7 Complex Early Children Braces & Teenager Braces
  • Truly Invisible Tongue-Side Braces
  • Fast Braces Done On Front Teeth in 5-7 Months
  • Thumbsuck and Pacifier Habit Expert

Dr. Donald Fox was born in Richmond, Virginia. It was in fourth grade, while at a picnic with Dr. William Crockett that he decided to become a doctor. Dr. Crockett, a leading instructor at the Medical College of Virginia Dental School, helped Dr. Fox focus to stay in school and become one of the most talented Orthodontists in the United States.

After he graduated from Hermitage High School, he attended the University of Richmond, Virginia and researched how to repair damaged DNA in bacteria with visible wavelengths of light. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

Dr. Fox took graduate courses in histology (the study of cells), embryology (the study how cells form and how they go on to make organs and other tissues) and many other courses. It was during this time when he discovered aspirin and acetaminophen can cause birth defects if taken while pregnant.

Dr. Fox entered dental school, achieved numerous awards and graduated #1 out of a class of 115. He received The American Cancer Society Award for the highest scores on pathology examinations over a two year period. He received the Southeastern Board of Prosthodontists Award for outstanding achievements, contributions and performance in prosthodontics (false teeth). He was recognized for his research with Dr. Robert Campbell, Oral Surgeon, of patients who experienced numbness in their lower lip and chin after jaw surgery, wisdom teeth extractions and broken jaws. For this he was awarded The American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Award.

Dr. Fox then attended the University of Tennessee and completed a residency in Orthodontics (dental braces). In his research, Dr. Fox discovered birth defects resulted from normal dosages of aspirin or acetaminophen taken during pregnancy. While there, he completed one of the lengthiest Master of Science degree thesis written in the history of the university. His animal studies followed FDA birth defect protocol, so caution must be given with use of these two drugs during pregnancy.

In addition to FDA protocol, Dr. Fox used radiographs to look for birth defects to set an example for future birth defect research. He also suggested that his method along with MRI, CT scans and other diagnostic tools would in the future replace the aged techniques used by the FDA.

Dr. Fox was also awarded the Chairman’s Research Award in Orthodontics and the Woodrow Powell Research Award for recognition of an original research investigation, which had produced unique and significant knowledge for the specialty of Orthodontics.

The American Association of Orthodontists awarded him the American Association of Orthodontists Harry Sicher Award for the most meritorious first research in the United States and Canada. His research was then presented at the annual meeting of The American Association of Orthodontists in New Orleans and at the annual meeting of The Growth Symposium at the University of Michigan.

Also, at The University of Tennessee, Dr. Fox was told it could not be done that a permanent retainer wire could be light cured to the back of the six front teeth. That challenged him and within six months was light cured the first in the world and the article was published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. There is a newer wire on the market now that Dr. Fox exclusively uses that is made of white gold and does not tarnish and is super thin.

Dr. Fox has a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics(Braces at age 7 complex cases). This encompasses dental braces that straighten the teeth and jaws and the ability to change the shape, length and width of the jaws of the face. This is done as early as age seven with non-surgical methods or in the teenage and adult years with non-surgical and surgical methods.

Dr. Fox went into private practice where he has written more than 480 articles in dentistry that help administrative staff, assistants and patients plus manuals for different job positions in Dentistry. He has produced more than 120 educational videos.

Dr. Fox was one of five Orthodontists in the world selected to beta test all the newest glues used to glue braces onto teeth that get hard when a blue light is used to shine on the glue. He tested the glue for months before the glues were allowed to be used by other Orthodontists and is now the #1 type of glue used in the world by Orthodontists.

Dr. Fox is able to stop thumb sucking in children and adults within one week without the use of any appliances in the mouth. More than a hundred children have been stopped by him with ninety-five percent kicking their habit the first night. A book is in the works on this simple to use technique that people will be able to use in their own home. There’s an estimated five million thumb suckers in the United States at any given time.

Dr. Fox has completed and test marketed a diet book called Diet of the Future. It is the first diet in history that allows women to lose five pounds per week, more than the usual two to two and half pounds per week women have experienced in the past. He has help getting his book to market from the same people who helped the authors of Chicken Soup of the Soul and the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He has been on radio shows nationwide talking about his book. There is more testing before the book is to be released. A second book may come out first titled 97 Reasons Why Your Last Diet Failed and a third book written for first and second graders is in the work to be used in all of the schools nationwide titled Fat Children Become Fat Adults. It is estimated over 50 million children in the United States or now 50 pounds or more overweight.

He recently completed research on how to tolerate extreme heat with the use of salt and potassium. He has identified four new stages of heat exhaustion. This will help people who work or play sports in extreme heat to recognize early stages of heat exhaustion much sooner than presented previously. Dr. Fox also developed methods to repair the early stages. His primary focus is now on racecar drivers, their pit crews and football players.

He has contributed large donations to the Clearwater Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida, to help with research and the salvage of stranded and hurt marine wildlife, particularly sea turtles, dolphins and otters. He has also contributed to the Humane Society. He is pushing for a national society of animal rights legal representation for dogs left on leashes in the sun to stop heat exhaustion and new legislature in the United States to stop euthanasia of dogs that bite people (many states euthanize even for simple bites).

In November, 2011, Dr Fox worked personally with NASCAR to help raise over $500,000 to help pay for neonatal beds for the Homestead Hospital pediatric department. These beds cost $25,000 each and there were none at the hospital before this event causing parents to travel each day to hospitals in Miami after work to see their newborn children. These children needed their parents closer to them with their medical problems that required them to be in these neonatal beds.

In his spare time, Dr. Fox goes to NASCAR races, football, basketball and baseball games. He has even donated tickets on the finish line of races to Hendricks Motorsports that in turn were given to children with Leukemia and other health problems so that may enjoy the races. Many times he gave his personal seats to these children. Yes, he is an avid Jeff Gordon fan way before Jeff Gordon was popular.

Dr. Fox will continue to help others achieve their best. He knows that if he does this, it will make him a better person and doctor. South Florida should be proud to have him as part of their community.