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General Dentistry


General Dentistry in Lighthouse Point

Florida Smiles Dental is a leader in dentistry in South Florida. Our team specializes in several areas of dentistry, allowing us to provide superior treatment and services that are designed to treat and preserve healthy teeth and gums. From general dentistry, to restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, to Invisalign in Lighthouse Point, Florida Smiles Dental offers several effective dental services under just one roof.


In-office care is an integral part of maintaining goodlong-term oral health. As an established dentist in Lighthouse Point, Florida Smiles Dental strives to provide top quality care to every one of our patients. Florida Smiles Dental takes an individualized approach to oral hygiene in order to focus on each patient’s specific needs. We also focus on providing a soothing atmosphere and the utmost comfort to our patients.


As a patient of Florida Smiles Dental, we recommendthat X-rays be taken when updated images are needed, usually about once a year. It is also essential to have regular exams every six months, so that we may check for any signs of gum disease, cavities or any damage. If we find a cavity, we will use natural colored fillings to best compliment your smile.


Followed by the exam, patients will receive a deep cleaning, removing any plaque and tartar. Our dental professionals will offer tips, reminders, and information to help you with your daily routine of oral hygiene and care.


As you age, certain issues can arise in your mouth, such as changes in your alignment, or the health of your gums. General dental visits are where early detection of periodontal disease takes place, which is key in order to deliver effective treatment in the early stages. Often in young adulthood, patients are faced with wisdom tooth extraction to prevent pain and overcrowding. Or, sometimes both teens and adults wish to correct alignment issues and come to us to learn about alternative options with Invisalign in Pompano Beach. Regular examinations ensure that any issues that begin to appear are caught and treated early, to help protect your lifelong smile.


For patients with alignment issues, Florida Smiles Dental is a proud certified provider of Invisalign in Lighthouse Point. For teens and adults, the option of braces is not always a welcome consideration. For those who want something a little less noticeable but just as effective, it is worth taking the time to learn about the solution available with Invisalign in Pompano Beach at Florida Smiles Dental. We treat patients from all over South Florida, often providing an effective solution using Invisalign in Lighthouse Point.


Florida Smiles Dental takes our job of keeping you healthy very seriously. The health of your mouth is the gateway to and has an effect on the health of your entire body. When you are looking for a new dentist in Pompano Beach, consider Florida Smiles Dental, and visit our convenient Lighthouse Point practice. Florida Smiles Dental can evaluate your oral health and determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign in our Lighthouse Point office, or any other treatment that can help improve your smile. Call today for a free consultation: (954) 943 – 2466.