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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Lighthouse Point/Pompano Beach


Keep your kids healthy with children’s dentistry exams at Florida Smiles Dental!

Peter Scerbo, DMD, P.A., Ft. Lauderdale dentistWelcome to Florida Smiles Dental! We’re happy to help your child learn about dental hygiene and improve their oral health with children’s dentistry appointments at our Fort Lauderdale practice. Our friendly dental team enjoys attending to the needs of their smallest patients during these visits. We generally treat children beginning around their third birthday, but if you have a concern about the way your child’s teeth are developing, feel free to give us a call. The dentists and whole team at Florida Smiles Dental will work hard to assist your family in being as healthy as can be!

During a first children’s dentistry visit, we will show your child around the exam room and explain what will happen during their exam. We can answer any questions they may have to help them to better understand the importance of their examination. After they take a seat in the dental chair, we will carefully count their teeth and one of the dentists on the Florida Smiles Dental team will check for cavities. If we find any, we can treat the area with a natural-colored filling.

For cavity-free smiles, we’ll skip right to a gentle cleaning. During this step in the appointment, we’ll explain proper dental hygiene routine to your child so that they will be able to continue caring for their teeth outside of the office. We like to see kids every six months for their children’s dentistry appointments so as to thoroughly protect their mouth from cavities and other dental problems.

If we notice a complication with the alignment of your child’s teeth, the orthodontic staff at Florida Smiles Dental can evaluate for children’s braces. We regularly use braces to gently shift our patients’ teeth into place. Straighten your child’s teeth is important for their self-esteem and for their oral health. Crooked teeth can create difficulties with proper oral hygiene. We’ll discuss your child’s need for braces when necessary during a children’s dentistry exam.

Please contact us today to schedule a children’s dentistry appointment for your loved ones. If this will be their first visit to the dentist, please visit our new patient page for helpful information and instructions. The team at Florida Smiles Dental treats children from all over Florida during children’s dentistry exams, including those from Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Weston, Hollywood, and other Florida cities. Our team is ready to help your child along their path to optimum dental health.