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Children’s Dentist

Lighthouse Point Children’s Dentist: The Significance of Your Child’s First Dental Visit, and How it Charts the Course for Their Future


The very first experience your child has at the dentist’s office will set the tone for his or her lifetime. Most children begin visiting the dentist at around age 3. While this is an ideal age to establish a preventative dental care regimen, it is still a very tender age. The initial experience will have a major impact on how eager your child will be to return for future routine visits, and it will also affect the effort your child puts toward his or her own oral hygiene habits.

Dr. Peter Scerbo and the dental professionals at Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale understand that you only get to make a first impression once.  Every child’s first appointment at Florida Smiles Dental is thoughtfully and carefully coordinated to ensure your child’s ultimate comfort, and is designed to build confidence. Dr. Peter Scerbo has over 20 years of experience in dental practice and is skilled in communicating with children at every age. The primary goal of this appointment is to put first time pediatric patients at ease, helping them to relax and making sure they leave at the end of the visit feeling happy.

Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale makes pediatric dental appointments fun, positive, and educational. Dr. Peter Scerbo believes that parents are important partners in helping to provide the best treatment for their children. Parents are welcome to accompany their children into the exam room. Pediatric appointments at Florida Smiles Dental are interactive visits which patients are encouraged to participate in.  Learning how to play an active role in their own oral hygiene makes children feel empowered and proud that they can ‘do it on their own!’

During the first visit, your child will be given a ‘tour’ around the exam room, shown different tools and instruments that are commonly used during routine exams and cleanings, and then one of Florida Smiles’ dental professionals will explain what will take place during the exam. Dr. Scerbo and his team will answer any questions that you or your child may have, while talking to your child about the importance of the examination, and why it’s necessary. When the examination begins, Dr. Scerbo starts off with a fun ‘tooth count’, a check for cavities, followed by a gentle cleaning. At this point, a mild discussion about good oral hygiene will take place with the patient, at an age appropriate level, so the information can fully resonate. This discussion also helps the child learn his role in the care and maintenance of his own overall oral health.

Dr. Peter Scerbo is dedicated to improving and maintaining the oral health of children and adolescents, including children with special needs. Dr. Scerbo and the team at Florida Smiles Dental have a genuine interest in their pediatric patients’ growth and development. Establishing regular visits every six months will protect your child’s mouth from cavities and other dental issues during each growth phase.

Call Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale today to make an appointment for your child at 954-523-6525, or visit Florida Smiles Dental online at We look forward to being your partner in oral health!